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The world of aluminium extrusion

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– extrusion

– aluminium

– bars

– presses

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Pro-Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…]Pro-Lam Alluminio S.r.l. has become a point of reference in the extrusion world and various aluminium working sectors (oxidation, aluminium painting,die casting…) in Italy, Europe and also in the rest of the world […]

[…] Since 1985 Pro-Lam Alluminio produces aluminium profiles: standard and under customer specification. This it means we answer to all our customer request and […]

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Air Handling Unit and EUR 1 System

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– aluminium profiles

– extrusion of aluminium

– air handling unit

– frame for AHU

– accessories in nylon


Pro-Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…]Pro-Lam Alluminio developed since 26 years a new way of assembling the AHU: with its EUR 1 modular system, all is more simple and faster than before […]

[…] You should assembled the corners, in aluminium or in nylon, with the profiles, fasten them togheter with some screws and then, if you need, joint also the top hat profile, with an aluminium/nylon joint or by milling the omega profile […]