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Italian aluminium extrusion

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…] Aluminium Extrusion is a plastic deformation process of a pre heated aluminium billet which is forced to flow by compression through a steel or ceramic die casting. We are a maufacturer of aluminium extrusion profiles, aluminium extruded sectons […] 

[…] Pro Lam manufactures 6000 different aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium […]

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Aluminium extrusion, structural extruded aluminium frames section

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…] Pro Lam Alluminio is a manufacturer and direct supplier of Aluminum extrusions angle, structural extruded aluminium frame sections,custom extrusions. We are Aluminum Extrusions manufacturers, suppliers & exporters from Italy[…]

[…] Solutions announces further major expansion in aluminum Press and Extrusion Capacity, and Capabilities […]

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…] A horizontal hydraulic press for hot aluminum extrusion (loose dies and scrap) […] Aluminium is the most commonly extruded material  leading supplier of aluminium products and systems. … Geometric sections; Premium extrusion capabilities; Rolled, coil, […]
[…] We offer a fast, efficient and personalized service. We provide high quality extrusions to meet your exact requirements and […]

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Aluminium extruded profiles

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…] Complete Solutions for extruded aluminium components, high tolerance aluminium extrusions in a wide range of commercial alloys;
aluminium extrusion factory Production of aluminium shapes for buildings and industries […]

[…] Pro Lam Alluminio is a leading European aluminium extrusion company producing custom shaped profiles in various aluminium alloys […]