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Eur1 system and aluminium profile

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…] The patented EUR-1 series is a modular frame system of construction for framing structures, and components designed specifically for the air handling unit field. (this system is also well known in the following field: soundproof isolation, dampening control, painting, transport, electronics and exhibition booths.)
The system is composed of aluminium profiles and accessories of several materials, with which it is possible to build machine/unit structures with various motor bases and enclosures. The frames, that are secure as well as convenient and quick to assemble, are assembled by connecting the corner post profiles to aluminium or nylon corners that create the outer edges of the unit. The omega profile are used for vertical and horizontal support to reinforce and subdivide the unit […]

[…]The range of EUR-1 products includes a vast array of profiles of various sizes and shapes suitable for both small and big structures. In addition to these, we produce “special series” such as groove profiles, which are intended for use with gasket or hidden screws, and other profiles of various size and shapes suitable for thermal break unit.
The EUR-1 system includes also a range of profile and accessories used to build damper, louvers, mist eliminators and other equipment. All components in this range were specifically designed to make assembly a speedy and easy task and without the need for specialist tool.
This would allow you, the customer, to build the structure in your own workshop, according to your own specification and avoid the need for third party assistance.
EUR-1 also offers a full range of accessories to complete the unit, including handles, hinges, locks and panel stops. They are available in different materials and in different designs to give the structure an aesthetically-pleasing finish […]

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Mist eliminator

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Pro Lam Alluminio S.r.l.

[…]Mist eliminators are available in two different versions: the first has the blades in aluminium which are the profiles P 100 or P 180 and the second one has polyethylene blades with profiles PP 106 or PP 175. They are assembled with the use of nylon “combs” that support the profiles in a vertical position and determine the distance between the separator profiles. The combs are available in two pitches: 40 mm (N 826) and 25 mm (N 900). The combs are used to position the mist eliminator profiles and must be placed at the bottom and at the top of the structure. In cases where separators used are particularly long, it is possible to place a “comb” in the middle of the structure for additional support […]

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Square section frame syste


Advanced solution system.
The panel used can be standard (single bend) or with a “step” shape (double bend/step) and screws are fastened from outside the frame.
This system is used to hide the pointed end of the screws inside the tubular section of the profile and to have a smooth surface without grooves or steps to keep and guarantee the unit clean, safe and compliant with Health & Safety requirements